AVANZA is trusted by buyers in Asia to supply great-tasting, premium quality avocados for up to five months of the year.

New Zealand’s Asian market specialist, AVANZA Ltd, represents two companies – Southern Produce and Primor Produce – who collectively market around 65% of the avocados exported from New Zealand.

AVANZA avocados are available from September to January. It is this limited ‘in season’ availability of New Zealand fruit, combined with its creamy taste and nutritional benefits, that give AVANZA fruit its point of difference and appeal.

It proudly supports its importer and retailer customers with budget for promotion activity, point of sale material and consumer education in how to use avocados, nutritional information and recipe ideas.

AVANZA’s development of customers and investment in new and emerging Asian markets has provided a strong platform for ongoing market development, on behalf of the entire New Zealand avocado industry.



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